Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tips guide War Commander

This simple guide that I will post is after you have achieve level 2 which you have obtain the list below and looks like the picture on the right :
  • 1 Command center level 1
  • 1 Storage level 1
  • 1 Power plant level 1
  • 1 Oil pump level 1
  • 1 Metal factory level 1
  • 1 Baracks level 1
  • 1 Gun turret level 1
  • 20 Wall level 1
  • 16 Rifleman level 1
  • 5 Heavy gunner level 1
  • 1 Rhino tank
  • 2 Rocket buggy level 1
  • 12, 570 metal
  • 12, 843 oil

1. Layout Design Base Platoon
With buildings available, immediately make the design by moving the existing building into the middle of the base area that has been determined. this is done in order to hamper while attack and protect the base with Gun Turret

2. Development
Immediately do development of "Metal Storage and Oil Storage"

3. Upgrade
Immediately do upgrade Metal storage, oil storage and Metal factory to level 2. why this upgrade first?? because with building upgrade in advance, you can get the oil and the metal needed to upgrade Command Center to level 2, since upgrading command center to level 2, must be done to continue to upgrade other buildings next levels. after getting enough oil and metal, do an upgrade on the command center to level 2 and wait 10 minutes process. after process is complete do the upgrade back for the building "Oil Pump, Oil storage, Metal factory, storage Metal, Power Plant"

4. Development Again
After command centers  upgrade process is completed, you immediately build "Power plant, Oil Pump, Oil storage, Metal factory, Metal storage , Radio tower, Academy and Gun turent". next is upgrade resource buildings except academy to a higher level.

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