Monday, November 12, 2012

Tips Choosing and Buying Players in Top Eleven be a Football Manager

1. During the transfer market time its better to find and search youngster(age 19-21) player or hot prospect (age 22-24) because young players can become  long term players, and also we don't need to buy another player for another season and young players can keep on increasing their skill. If they have special skill than that's a plus.

2. Its also okay to buy 3 stars player ( you dont always need to buy the 5 star players) , cause even though the player are only 3 starts but if the player are frequently use, then the player will surely become a top star player.

3.prepare the budget about 5-10 tokens for bidding the players, if its less than that its better to save up first.

4.If you are already interested in one player, add to favourite so you dont lose it when it refresh

5.During bidding the player, don't force yourself to much to take that player, as you will just waste your token. The strategy is during the 60 second remaining time, look at the others player team squad, if they have a lot of 5 star players, that mean either there rich or have a lot of token. So its better to back down and choose another player where the competitor bidder doesn't have a lot of 5 star player.

6. Its better to bid during the last 20-10 seconds, before the bids end, so you will take the lid in the bid.

7. Lastly, look at how much money you own and the price of the players don't try to force yourself to much if you don't have to much money as you also need to buy another players.

Another tips is selling the player

  • Its better to sell players during Noon - Evening time, where there is alot of online players.
  • If you want to sell the players ( make sure you are not using it any more), and its better to sell before the season ends.

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