Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tips Special Infected Dead Frontier


250 Health Points
50 Damage per Hit
315 Experience
This zombie is still easy to defeat. If you want to use melee, just circle around the monster, and the zombie will be dead.


250 Health Points
70 Damage per Hit
360 Experience

This zombie run very fast, so need high agility. 


205 Health Points
50 Damage per Hit
270 Experience

Its not recommend to fight this zombie with melee(unless you have high agility) because the attack range of this zombie is high/far, but the weakness is slow movement speed.


310 Health Points
40 Damage per Hit
405 Experience
Same as Tendrill, but this zombie have a bad maneuver  so not much a problem when fighting this zombie.


70 Health Points
0 Damage per Hit
180 Experience
Even though this zombie cannot attack, but it at has a powerful attack that is calling its "friend" with its supersonic sound. So try to quickly kill this zombie as fast as you see this zombie or run.


100 Health Points
20 (Explosion: 20) Damage per Hit
120 Experience
This zombie have 2 version, small brute and brute, for the small brute the stat is half of the brute. its not recommend to fight with melee as it will explode after dead.


420 Health Points
30 (Vomit: 40) Damage per Hit
585 Experience

Same as the Reaper, but this zombie can spit an acidic liquid from a very long distance


405 Health Points
∞ Damage per Hit
585 Experience
Dont ever get hit by this zombie, because just one hit and you die. so its recommend to fight with melee and hit this zombie while circling. 

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