Monday, November 12, 2012

Tips Stadium Upgrade Order Top Eleven Football Manager

Which stadium upgrade should be prioritize first???

According to me, this is my order :

1. Training center
Prioritize in increase players quality, whats the use of having a big stadium if you dont have a quality players.

2. Medical center
Just in case if the players are injured, during the training or during the match.

3. Stadium
Now we can built the stadium, to increase fans capacity, which also increase income from ticket.

Same as stadium to increase fans...

5. Parking lot
Its no use if you have big stadium but no parking lot, as the fans that are going to come to watch are still little in number.

6. Pitch
To decrease the possibility of injured players.

7. Youth center
To increase youngster players in your team.

8. Utilities
To increase the income for your team

9. Lamp, dan scoreboard
Just a complement for the stadium

Thats my Stadium upgrade prioritize order..

Hope it helps...

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