Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tips Chaos of Three Kingdoms

  1. To increase the prestige faster, is by clicking the "world" icon on the bottom right, then find Fort ( it looks like a gate) and choose "fortification", and because you can only do this 3x times a day, so it is best to choose 10 fort( the most bottom) so that the prestige that you get will be maximal and efficient. note: the use of prestige is to find special general of each country, example : Zhuge Liang & Zhao Yun from Shu, Cao Cao & Sima yi from Wei, etc..
  2. the Color order for equipment from the normal to the ultimate =  white -> green -> Blue -> purple -> Red -> Gold
  3. Later you will get a common attack weapon with a purple color in lvl 44, after finishing one of the campaign
  4. Save your silver, because after you upgrade the base to lvl - 48, you would not given any bonus silver anymore.

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