Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tips Beginner Market Glory

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To make it simple for the one who just join, just follow this step :

Day 1:
For the first day, you probably dont have anything, so the thing that you must do is find and earn money.
The step is to  "fight" and "work"
Fight can be done by choosing menu FIGHT > REFFERAL FIGHT
REFFERAL FIGHT can be done 10x per day, the duration of the fight is 10 minutes, after 10x fight, its time to work.

Work can be done by choosing WORK > WORKPLACE
Work can only be done 1 X in 24 hours
After finish, you must wait for the next day

Day 2:
On the second day, you must have some money from yesterday.
Before fight and work, buy 10 newspaper, be careful with the price before you buy it
So whats the use of this newspaper??
1 newspaper give you 0.3 energy
10 newspaper = +3 energy
With this additional energy you will get more money from fight and work, do the step like on the first day, 10x fight and then work
After that continue to the next day

Day 3:
On the third day to the same step like before:
1. Buy 10 newspaper
2. If there is some money left buy milk, milk have the same use as newspaper which is to increase energy, milk can be consume 1x in 24 hours
there is 3 type of milk:
- milk Low Quality (LQ) : +1 energy
- milk Medium Quality (MQ) : +3 energy
- milk High Quality (HQ) : +5 energy

3. After buying newspaper and milk then you can have enough energy to get more money from fight and work.

Day 4:
1. Buy 10 newspaper
2. But milk
3.If there is some money left, increase your energy more by buying "cuisine"
- cuisine Low Quality (LQ) : +1 energy
- cuisine Medium Quality (MQ) : +3 energy
- cuisine High Quality (HQ) : +5 energy
4.Fight 10x times and then work.
5.Do all this step for the next days until you have enough money to start you own company.

Happy playing and earning money

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