Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Marvel avenger alliance Class

In this post I will tell about the weakness and advantages of each class in Marvel avenger alliance

So the bottom line is each class has advantages and disadvantages over  each other, and each class can be superior to the other classes as well be inferior to their anti-class, though more obvious check this hexa pics:

Class Marvel avenger alliance

This is a class which is called common class, the middle position of the hexa above, this class is the default for the Agent before buying more uniform class, also heroes such as mockingbirds and some enemies in the mission.
it's arguably generalists is common because does not have advantages and disadvantages when meeting with other types of class


  • Guarantee critical damage against bruisers
  • Considered no defense for bruisers, so bruiser will receive full damage
  • Receive a reduction of damage from bruisers attacks

  • Tactician will get a bonus turn when attacking blaster
  • Tactician will receive reduction in damage from blaster


  • Will get a passive buff "enraged" when attacked by a scrapper
  • Enraged: buff that increase stats att & def, can be 2x stacks

  • Attack from blaster will guarantee critical
  • Bruiser def stats no matter how much great would be 0  by blaster
  • Blaster gets damage reduction when attacked by Bruiser


  • Automatic "counterattacks" / attack back when attacked by tactician
  • Get "combat reflexes" after attacking tactician
  • Improve accuracy when attacking tactician
  • Combat reflexes, when the buff is active then the infiltrators will strike back (counter) from any attack

  • Scrappers will get a bonus to attack a second time with a skill level 1 when attacking infiltrators
  • Scrappers will reduce the damage from the infiltrators attack


  • Will attack 2 times when attacking infiltrators, a second attack using skill level 1
  • Receive a reduction in damage from the infiltrators attack

  • Bruiser will get buff "Enraged" if attacked or attacking scrapper


  • Will get a bonus turn when attacking blaster, turn bonus cannot be obtained again from additional buff.
  • Receive a reduction in damage from blaster attacks

  • Infiltrators will strike back if attacked by tactician
  • Infiltrators will get buff "combat reflexes" when attacked by tactician
  • Improve the infiltrators accuracy 

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