Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tips Farming Item Marvel Avengers Alliance

(Chapter 1 Mission 4 : M.O.D.O.K)
Difficulty receiving Silver to buy weapon in store, train hero, or research ?
It is common knowledge that the boss Modok is the most appropriate place for the agent for farming item especially for those who are undergoing spec ops and need UISO-8, because it is where that can guarantee UISO-8 90% drop

1.       Agent

Agent should use the weapon "multi-hit" shots and or "area of effect", the more hits will also affect the percentage drop items.
Select a weapon such as: Batstone, quicload T'cha, perforator, cosmic ray bomb, canon isotope stark industries, etc.
More appropriate to use the gadget power of 4, because the goal is farming, obviously hasten death is the best option.

2.       Black widow

Better use costumes type tactician, since Modok is blaster class so black widow can have each round 2x turn.

3.       Other heroes

You should also select hero that has skill "multi-hit" and or "Area Of Effect", the principle is the same as the weapon that agent carried.
Also its better to use tactician type so it can have 2 turn hit Modok  or who have an active skill 2x turn at once.

 4.     Refresh issue after battle
Because there is a bug, so sometimes there is a refresh issue after battle, there is some solution that proof to work, some of them are:
Limit the number of drop item between 10-15 drop item, after that just accept defeat/lose.
Separate mini boss : wrecker and boss : Modok, face them each, so basically wrecker and modok have the same bug that is drop item.
It’s better not to take a lot of time in battle, 5-8 max round is enough after that just lose.

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