Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tips FARMING CP Marvel Avengers Alliance

As we all know, there is no more CP drop anywhere.
So we have to find another method to gain CP.
Some of it is by farming through mission roulette, in this post i will tell you some of that mission

Just for a reminder boss roulette have a chance of 1,3, or 5 CP while the epic boss have a chance of 3,5,or 10 CP

Team up : Hawkeye
Mini-Boss none
Epic-Boss : none
Deploys : none
threat : 2 low threat (each 20 XP)

Good : this  mission is the shortest in MAA, just using 30 energy and its finish. 

Bad : no deploy = no weapon/item drop , in the roulette no useful item other than CP

Boss : Whiplash (65 XP)
Team up : Iron Man
Mini-Boss :none
Epic-Boss : none
Deploys : Hawkeye (1 battle)
Threat : 1 Medium Threat (50 XP), 2 low threat

Good : This is also the shortest mission in MAA, 30 energy and its finish / done. From the start fight the medium threat so you can deploy , because if you dont deploy you lose 40 energy.

Bad : the roulette have no good weapon/ item

CH7 M3 : TOTAL 30 ENERGY (Boss) 100 ENERGY (Epic Boss)
Boss : Jack O'lantern (combine mini-boss : 145XP )
Team up: Black Cat
Minibosses : Vector (115XP)
Epic Boss : Green Goblin (200XP) weapon Epic : Goblin Glider
Deploys : any hero  (1 battle), any hero  (1 battle), hero tactician (3 battle), Spiderman (2 battle), hero scrapper (1 battle)
Threat : 4 low threat (each 55 XP), 4 high threat (each 105 XP)

Good : Can meet boss+mini boss with using 30 energy. Here there is a lot of deploy. totaling 5, and also the weapon/ gadget from deploy follows the agent level, so we can also hunt for good weapon / gadget.

Bad : in here, the map is still random, so its better to abort mission when you cant find the right combination : high threat , low threat, deploy.

CH4 M4 : TOTAL 40 ENERGY (Boss) 70 ENERGY (Epic Boss)
Boss : Vapor (combine mini-boss : 140XP)
Team up: Invicible Woman
Minibosses : Fixer (100XP)
Epic Boss : Magneto (200XP) Epic Weapon : Magnetic Field Generator
Deploys: 1 hero scrapper (2 battle), any hero (1 battle), any hero (2 battle), storm (2 battle)
Threat : 3 medium threat, 2 high threat

Good : until now this mission is still the shortest mission for epic boss only use 70 energy, which means we can use 2 times the luck of roulette from Boss and epic boss.

Bad : The must of having storm on the team to deploy so that the epic boss can be open.

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