Monday, November 12, 2012

Tips Newbie Guide Pockie Pirates

In this post i will tell a short tips when playing Pockie Pirates

1. Dont waste gold to gamble crew... even with using the 30 thousand payments there is still a possibility of getting a purple crew / orange. Use the gold when they show up on the deck.

2. Always do the daily quest to earn vitality.

3. always save gold as much as posible, it will be very usefull later on.

4. always upgrade / enhance the equipment to above level 10++

5. frequently upgrade ships and aptitude

6. dont ever reset skill Job Special

7. dont be temptated with fishing underwater with gold

8. Dont ever reset blue crew skill, if you dont get good crew and skill just throw it and find another one.

9. Always use the metode of "Get new equipment, give the old equipment to another crew"

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