Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Godfather Five Families Starter Guide

1. When you first start, level only your mansion, library and focus on building up your resource fields, mainly steel and cement. Food and cash are very easy to get, steel and cement not so much.
2. Do not make any troops at first, allow yourself the time to build up the resources needed to build and replace them first before you find yourself without troops and no resources to make more.

3. Research the things you need to increase your resources and construction times on your buildings before focusing on any of the other researches.
4. Strategy and planning are required to get a jump on those without either a strategic approach or a plan.
5. If you find yourself running out of one resource more than others, ex: you run out of steel before other resources, focus on building up your Steel Mills to account for this usage.
6. With recent changes to the game, I suggest at least 3 restaurants to keep a healthy food flow coming in when you are unable to farm any.
7. Once you have ample resources to build troops, focus on obtaining some cityscapes to further increase your resource production.
8. As you get items from gangs, don't forget to equip them from your armory and sell the leftovers you don't need for a great cash flow.
9. Protect your resources from thieves by leveling your warehouse.

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