Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Starting guide 2 Godfather Five Families

IN all, you have room for Ten buildings in your estate, you will begin with your Mansion and Library already constructed, but as for the rest, well, you will need to start working on those as you have the resources and experience to do so.

Mansion: The mansion is your home: But, understand this, there is so much more to your humble abode than meets the eye. Should some of those arrogant, shall we say, other families decide to attack, this is where you will have to determine whether you wish to fight back and defend your turf or slide that book shelf to the side and hide like a coward, allowing your enemies to come and take your valuable resources at their leisure.
Capiche? Now, should you decide to stay on guard and defending, it is not without its risks. Should a more powerful opponent attack, you could very well lose more than just your resources, but you could be putting new help wanted signs outside your door. Defending could spell doom for your crew should they be overpowered. Sometimes, and you did not hear this from me, Jimmy Dimples, and if I ever hear you tell anyone I told you this, I have a nice pair of cement shoes in your size, BUT.....with that in mind, hiding may cost you some resources, however, your crew of henchmen will be safely out of harms way to fight back tomorrow. Resources are fairly easy to replace, good underlings, not so much. As you upgrade your mansion, another little bonus will be the added ability to expand your resource production by capitalizing on the addition of a few extra lots in your neighborhood that you can develop to your choosing, as well as being able to expand into neighboring areas, or what we call cityscapes to also boost your production. So as you can see, your mansion is not just a place to rest your lazy feet, but the true heart of your operation. Now follow me as we head over to the Library.

Library: AHhh, your Mansion may be the Heart of your operation, but this......THIS is the very SOUL of your operation. It is within these books that all of the years and experience of our forefathers from Sicily have so diligently scribed for you, me, and for generations to come to harness their lifetime of experience simply by doing a little research. It is here, you will gain knowledge and understanding that will allow you to become a force to be reckoned with. As you make improvements to this great library, I will be sure to send you some more books with far greater knowledge so that you can expand that peanut in your noggin you call a brain. Be sure to visit the library as often as you can, The pen may be mightier than the sword, but a Tommy Gun and knowing how to use it will obliterate a pen.

Shall we head outside? Good, follow me then.

What a beautiful courtyard you have here, now if we take look over there, those two buildings are your Garage and your Workshop, yeah I know, they are in shambles, but you will rebuild them when the time is right. Now, both of those buildings will help your men, those specialized in various attack abilities, can prosper greatly once you have those two buildings functional again. Now, before I explain who would prosper from what, I must change the subject for a few moments and explain to you the various positions within a Barzini crew. In total, there are two types of units at your disposal. Offensive and Defensive. Although Offensive is a misnomer, if you are getting attacked, everyone and everything is defensive. However, your defensive arsenal will never assist on an offensive attack you send out.

Defensive Units:
Barbed Wire: Your basic razor enhanced barbed wire to keep people off your walls and out of your estate.
Booby Traps: Perfect for protecting yourself against the unsuspecting trespasser.
Guard Dogs: Release the hounds!
Armed Guards: What the dogs don't eat, the guards shoot.

Offensive Units:
Thugs: Your basic tough guy
Couriers: Hired help to carry home your loot.
Arsonist: These guys really know how to throw a party, a Molotov Cocktail party that is.
Bruisers: Much better than Thugs when it comes to getting past those pesky defensive units.
Trucks: When you want to carry more loot and carry it faster.
Demolitionist: Boom goes the dynamite
Hitmen: Close up and deadly
Tommy Gunners: Death from a distance
Enforcers: When you need something done and done right.
Professionals: Your enemies do NOT want to see these guys walking down their street.

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