Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Starting guide 3 Godfather Five Families

Now, as i was saying, you see those two buildings over there? Well those two are your Garage and your Workshop. Now, your Tommy Gunners, Professionals and Enforcers will find the garage to their liking. As for the Work Shop? That is more suited to your Arsonist, Thugs, Bruisers, Demolitionist, Couriers and Hitmen. By improving these buildings, I am quite sure those minions I mentioned will have the access to learn and train faster. Now, if you look over here to the left of the garage, that is your warehouse, this is where you can stash your goods, the resources you will need to improve everything else. Be sure to improve this to protect those valuable resources, as we know how those Tattaglia's can get with their grubby little paws wanting to take things not rightfully theirs, put it in that warehouse and not even the most thieving Tattaglia can get to it.

Shall we walk to those other structures? Good, come with me.

Armory: This building , is where you will store you equipment. What's that? You are going to be difficult aren't you? Equipment. Okay, do I have to spell it out for you? You will keep your "Equippable" items in the Armory. Now, you get these items from taking on "The Black Hand" gangs. As you accumulate these items, they are deposited into your armory. You will find you can establish your best cash business by selling these extra items from your armory. This is where the real money is . Don't forget it, I will be expecting my cut.

Guest House: This here is your Guest house, this will be a valuable commodity to have. You see, should you need a little back-up, if you know what I mean, by improving these lodgings, you can allow more of your family members to come and stay, to help hmmm, how can I say this, yes, to help show those nosey neighbors, Like the Corleone's some Barzini Hospitality. The more improvements you make, the more of your Crew members will find it comfortable.

Now , that is your courtyard in your Estate, which may I remind you was so graciously offered to you for you to get your feet wet without having to sleep on the streets. Wait...where you going? I may be done with the buildings out here, but I still have more to show you, let's head out to the front gate, shall we?

Front Gate: The Front gate is where your ever vigilant guards will be able to alert you to any possible incursions into your estate, the more you improve your front gate with electronic sensors, motion detectors, hidden camera's, you will know more and more about your possible trespassers. Knowledge is power.

Guard House: This is your guard house, you will need ti improve this as well, better guardhouses tend to attract better guards. Keep that in mind when you gather the resources you need to improve your estate.

Wall: And finally, we come to your first defense, your perimeter wall. As with the Guard House, having a strong reinforced wall will attract more and much improved quality of guards to defend your abode. Also, keep in mind a few things about your wall, for one, because of zoning laws, you will not be able to improve your Mansion without a sufficiently improved wall Secondly, you will find, all defensive Troops can be both made and trained from within these very walls themselves. Don't ask me how we train our defenders from a wall, it is a very ancient and well protected secret of the Barzini's. There are four defensive units available for you as you make the needed improvements. The easiest is Barbed wire, once you know how to make barbed wire, your next defense should be booby traps, now that you have these in place, buy yourself some trained guard dogs and finally put some armed guards up on that wall to really deter anyone from impeding on your turf. Well, that's everything in your estate, I hope you learned something today. I will be back again tomorrow to teach you some more things, that you will find vital to your survival. Until next time, watch your back and sleep with one eye open.

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