Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Starting Guide 1 Godfather Five Families

You will need resources, and lots of them. AS you progress and control your neighborhood later on, you will find that cash and food are the easiest resources to gather, whereas Cement and Steel, not so much. You will want to start off by building several Cement and Steel mills to get you going. We like to eat, but I recommend only a couple nice Italian restaurants in your neighborhood, anything more than that turns into regret later on. SO build yourself a restaurant or two to compliment those steel and cement plants. Now you should have a small amount of resources steadily being produced for your future crew of gangsters..cough Ahem, I mean for your associates that will be doing your grunt work for you.

You will have time to build up a strong crew to go bash some heads in later, for now, why hurry? Relax a little, work on fortifying your estate, increasing your knowledge at the library. Do some research, use your resources wisely, increase your Logistics and your resource production first, this way you replace what you use at a faster rate, and once again, resources when you getting your feet wet are more important than having too many mouths to feed. Improve your Mansion, I have so graciously allowed you to live in for now, with each upgrade to your mansion, I will allot you a few more blocks of you neighborhood to build more improvements in. YOu will also want to start thinking about the future, perhaps add a couple Hideouts and an apartment or two to your neighborhood. You will need both of these once you start understanding what it takes to give men orders to do your dirty work for you. Apartments and Hide outs also make a nice little cash flow for you, as well as having some other very important factors. Apartments will raise your influence in the hood, without influence, no one will want to work for you, so build up those apartments, raise that influence and increase your cash flow all at the same time. Hideouts also have added benefits, you see, not only do they add to your cash flow, as we always ask for a little kickback from our minions using them, but the more hideouts you have, the faster your future crew can learn and be trained faster. More hideouts equal faster training time.

Adding your own personal crew: By now you should be setting on a nice income of resources, not spectacular, but steady, and slow and steady wins the race. If you take a tour of your surrounding areas, you will see that there are many unorganized gangs roaming the various sectors. These gangs are miscreants not associated with any of the five families, and therefore it is our duty to kick them off our turf. Be forewarned though, kick one gang out, and not much later a new one will rise, so be careful, they may not be organized but they keep popping up all the time. SO, before you can oust those gang members, or take control of the cityscapes which will benefit your resource production, you need some men to work for you. Go into your hideouts and look for the TRAIN room, you will want to start off building some uneducated muscle, or as I like to call them, Thugs. Make a small amount of them to get started, but be careful you don't recruit too many, as they can rapidly consume your resources leave you unable to move forward. A good early method is don't recruit and train more thugs than 25-30% of your resources, make sure you keep enough to allow yourself the time and resources to research and continue upgrading your estate and neighborhood, always remembering to keep your resources producing ahead of your usage. A good start on Thugs is 50 to 100 for now, if you have plenty of resources, go ahead make 50 more or so. If not, don't rush it, Thugs will come to your aid in hordes as your resources grow. YOu will also need to be looking at recruiting some couriers and Arsonist, the Arsonist is your first real troop. They are versatile and handy in all aspects of the world we live in. You can use them to take over cityscapes, defeat small time gangs. Now, this is worth repeating, so I will do as such, do not bring in more troops than your resources can handle start slow and small, work up as you increase your resource production lines. The gangs, the other families, the cityscapes aren't going anywhere, they will be there when you are ready to take them on, so no need to rush.

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