Saturday, July 6, 2013

Advance Guide GoldenBattles

This guide is for advance step in GoldenBattles if you already have enough money and income. In this post I will show you some advance step to Open company, Pay salary to workers, and about shares...

1.Opening a Company

Open company in GoldenBattle easier and simple compared to other games. Building a company can form a variety of ways such as stocks, selling a product, project design and product design are so many ways to run a company.
To build a company requires 1-3 euros depending on what company that would set up.
This example opens the company in London, UK.
click the tab companies, there you can see all the information about the company. continue to go to the bottom there will be a button "Create A Company".
Golden Battles Company starting
GoldenBattles Company
As shown in the image above, you can select the state, business type, stock symbol, logo, name and description. Once filled, the company successfully established.

2.Paying the Workers

Here I take the example of company iron (iron mine)
- Open the workplace (make active), set wages (salaries) for example, 0.01 (local currency) and then wait for people to come to work or you can work yourself in your company.
- Once you get a worker (worker), you will begin to see the iron (iron) in the inventory.

Golden Battles Iron

The product is ready for sale so if you want to sell just click iron -> sell, then the box below will come out

Golden Battles Sell Iron
GoldenBattles Sell Iron
make sure your bargaining prices compete with the price of other companies.
If you successfully sell the product it will show a box like this.

GoldenBattles Sell Iron Income

3.Company Shares and Stock

A company can have more than one shareholder. If shareholders want to sell his shares, he can go to possessions -> Shares -> Shares Company. Stock price will be calculated automatically by the system. Each company has 100 shares that can be sold. The owner of the company is always called shareholder is one who has the highest shares in the company. If another player has a shares that exceeds the original owner, then that other player replaces the company's ownership.

GoldenBattles Shares
Golden Battles Shares

The owners of Share will benefit by a percentage for each sale of company products. This can be checked on the share tab

GoldenBattles Shares Percentage
GoldenBattles Shares Percentage
Players can buy shares of companies that are available in any country.

GoldenBattles Buy Shares
GoldenBattles Buy Shares 

So this is some of the advance guide in GoldenBattles. Enjoy !!!

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