Sunday, July 7, 2013

Prestige GoldenBattles

In this post I will tell all about Prestige in Golden Battles

Ways to increase prestige :

  1. (Food Prestige)
  2.  (Drink Prestige)
  3. (Clothing)
  4. (Golf Club Ticket)
  5.  (House)

Increase Chart Prestige Golden battles
Increase Chart Prestige Goldenbattles

Food, drinks and golf clubs tickets can be used manually or automatically. Games will use automatically when the duration is up, and if only the stock still in inventory. Buy it in the market, for the price of food grade I prestige in the UK, 4.6gbp, and price for drink 3.6 gbp.
clothes Same as weapons, clothes effect can run out if the durability runs out.

The use of prestige

Wage Prestige Golden battles
Wage Prestige Goldenbattles

So based on the above formula, each 1 prestige gained 0.5 productivity. The greater productivity, higher wages when work

Damage Prestige Golden Battles
Damage Prestige Golden battles

3. Income Tax
Income Tax Prestige Golden battles
Income Tax Prestige Goldenbattles

4.Fighting Bonus

Fighting Bonus Prestige Golden battles
Fighting Bonus Prestige GoldenBattles

Requirement to use prestige item

- To use the prestige items such as food, drinks and tickets golf, we should impose at least 1 outfit (CLOTHING).
- To use the house prestige, we should at least use one of the above prestige items.

Prestige Golden Battles


1) What is the ticket golf club (golf club ticket) and where can I find?
Golf club ticket add prestige with +15. Can be purchased in the market> special.
2) I already ate Prestige Food (Food Prestige) why did not increase
Likely you do not wear clothing (clothes) because it is a Requirement
3) Can I live in my own house?
Can. May also rent a house from another player
4) Does prestige should always be 100?
do not have to, it all depends on your calculations.

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