Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tips Marketglory To Maximize Food Effect

In this post I will show you how to maximize the effect of eating food in Marketglory

First you must know the eating time at marketglory.

Eating time at market glory base on server time:


Food increase energy, energy gives you more income.

To get the max result from food, try to work and fight at the same time as when you eat the food.

Try to choose which time were you can log in and play MarketGlory to fight and work.

Buy food before eating time,after the energy have increase then fight 10x times and then work

What happen if my work time is not the same as eating time. What to do?

The only solution is skip work one day, log in just to fight the trainer. The next day log in again according to what time that you can play. If you can 15 minutes before eating time so that you can buy the food. Wait until the food is gone from your inventory, check the amount of energy, if already increase more than 1 point at that moment fight 10x times and then work

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