Friday, July 5, 2013

Basic Guide GoldenBattles

GoldenBattles registration menu
Golden Battles Registration 

For beginners, novice, and starters it is best that you aim to level up so that you can fight higher level alien and get more loot, and don't think of starting you company first cause it needs euro and for free players to get euro is not easy, it needs time and patience.

1. Fight Alien
okay first of Fight. click tab fight&wars -> tab Plaver Vs Alien then click the type of enemy then click fight with him.
When you fight you are given 5 second to wait then press physical hit before 40 second is over.

Fight will consume stamina.
Every 20 minutes your stamina will increase by 1. If you level up automatically stamina will be refill.

Golden Battles Fight menu
GoldenBattles Fight Menu

Practice is another option. The use of practice is to increase pierce point, the use it to increase the player attribute so you get more damage when you fight. My advice is to leave it first for starters cause its not beneficial at the beginning.

2.(Optional)Buy Food and Drink Prestige
Buy Food and Drink Prestige after the fight 10-15 times, go to the market to buy food and drink prestige to increase your prestige. If prestige increases, income from work, bonus fight, and etc increases also.Each food and drink prestige lasts 12 hours and +5 prestige.

Golden Battles Market
GoldenBattles Food and Drink Prestige

Well if you already purchased do not forget eat / drink in possession>inventory

I suggest you DO NOT go to work First until you want to LOGOUT. Because after work could not fight again until the work is completed which takes 8-hour.1 day you can only work once. If you want to work go to the Economy tab there will be immediate job, select the job that No. 1 because that's the highest salary, then click Work here. Work 3 days in a row would get a bonus from the government.

Find referral because you will get a commission of 10% of referral activity

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