Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tutorial Starting Building Company MarketGlory

Marketglory Company

In here I will explain starting or building your company using Magazine company


  • Newspaper is the easiest way to earn virtual money in this game, but it still depends on the number of population or resident in that country
  • Newspaper give 0.3 energy and player can buy 10 pcs per day.
  • Starting and building a newspaper company is free without charge, when you start the company you will be given 90 day license and same for all the other company and each account can only make 1 newspaper company and that company cannot be destroyed.

so this is what you need to build a newspaper company:
1.0 €
2.3 Gold

Step to starting and building and Magazine company :
1.aim the cursor to company tab Make New Company
3.Register Magazine Company
4.After the company is listed, fill all the form that is needed, the company name cannot be change later, only the information

Now you have a magazine company, click Finance inside the magazine company and invest 2G in your company, use your other gold to buy resource(Paper) in global market or local market if someone produce it.

Next step after you buy paper, open/actives workplace, go to workplace in your company and set the salary and then save and then activate
After workplace is open, you just need to wait until someone works for you.

1 Paper = 10 Newspaper
10 Newspaper = 1 Productivity

After you have a couple of stock, now you go to special product to make article..
after you make the article, go for publish
New Article > Save > Preview > Modified Article > Save > PUBLISH
If you choose to "Publish in international" your article will be seen in global market.

Every 24 hour you have to make another article so that another buyer can buy the article, because article can only be bought 1 times.

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