Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Strategy Searching for Staff Strikermanager

Strategy Searching for Staff

Team is well supported by staff who are well too. Therefore, in searching or hiring for staff, we are also good if you can find that too.

Staff are paid weekly, and paid on Monday. The higher the rank staff, the pay is more expensive, and it works better too. To see staff rank, point up the ball mark (mouse-over), will appear a pop-up that indicates its quality. Quality calculated from 0% to 100%.

Here are some of my suggestions that can be applied to find good staff.

Coach Secretary

Useful as a scout. Staff will be looking for players that we want, for example: forward? midfielder? or back or a keeper? at least average? minimum salary? ff (option selection can be expanded with golden ball). My advice, at least the quality of Coach Secretary is 85%. The pay is around 300,000 per week with the quality of 85%, if not slightly more capable ya. The higher the quality, the staff will be looking for players faster. With the quality of 85%, he will be looking for players finished within 7-8 hours.


This is almost the same as Coach Secretary. But only looks for young players (youth player). The pay is also similar. My advice does not need that good quality scout, enough of which 65% (approximately 100,000 per week fee), or may be less.


Useful to increase the number of fitness. If put to work, to be completed within 24 hours. The higher the quality, the fitness will increase more and more. My advice enough quality 65-70% (paid around 100K - 200K per week). Fitness will go down if the players do not exercise (training), and early season fitness also decreased by 50% (because of the holiday).


Useful to raise the morale numbers. Morale will go down if you lose a match, and / or the player is not used as a line-up. Work completed within 24 hours. The higher the psychologist, the pay will be more expensive, and raise morale greater numbers. My suggestion is quality staff around 65-70% (the pay is around 100K - 200K per week).


Useful to train players. The higher the quality coach, then the increase is also higher quality players. My advice look for quality as high as possible (but the pay is so expensive). Got my current quality 90% paid 332.900 dollars per week. I wants a quality 100%, but is not see.

Youth Coach

Just like a coach, but he coached our youth squad. Staff This is important. Because our future depends on the youth squad player. My advice look for as good as possible. I currently have a 91% quality for a fee of 337,900 dollars per week.


Useful for curing injured players. The better the higher the power of healing. Working time is usually about 4 days.

Financial Manager

Useful for larger debt negotiation, then also can get a better sponsor. Frankly I do not really feel the usefulness of This staff. I currently have a 86% quality for a fee of 269.300 dollars per week.

Happy hunting staff!

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