Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Financial Tips Strikermanager

Financial Management

I share a little strategy. So, although this is a game of football, but money is most influential here. There is no money, you cannot buy any top player, and eventually lost. So, where did we get the money? Here are some tips from me in order to quickly get money.

Match tickets

SM biggest money in my opinion comes from the stadium ticket. Therefore, build VIP tickets as soon as possible, if you cannot VIP, so PRO first. So the money comes from where?  From extra tickets in private league, frankly for friendly cannot be hope ... because the audience is little, and also the result is divided by 2.

Buy Sell Players

If you are spirited merchants, use a scout and coach secretary to find cheap player, then sell expensive, can also trade in the market (buy low, sell high), and this is also one of the strategies to earn extra money.
Tricks to Build Stadium
When building the stadium, never upgrade more than 1 part, due to prolong the time of development. Always upgrade one by one. In this way, much faster completion = much faster earning. Indeed, there is a fee of 250 thousand each time upgrade / build, but for me the cost is worth the time much for faster.

Upgrade Tricks Accessories

If upgrading accessories, close to the deadline of the SM. The sooner we make, the more we lose money that can be rotated. But do not be late upgrade accessories, later subject to sanctions. I typically upgrades a week (7 days) before the deadline.


Build school. Like the world top teams, we also have to build a school for our juniors. Well, we can build this school ranging from Low, Regular, Normal, High, Excellent (the more expensive the cost to right). We can also select the country where we will build the school. For example, Brazil is certainly more expensive than China, but China much faster issuing player (every 4 days to 1 player), because of the greater population. Select the country that has a lot star, if for me at least 3 stars. And if you can build up to Excellent. Well, the results of this schools can promote to the junior squad, then it can be sold (if a high progression, I usually do not sell, but train themselves for the core squad).
Always fill stadium seats with Billboards, select the sponsor the most giving money. When the contract expired, immediately hire a new sponsor. Because each home game will provide additional income.


Beginning of the season no major sponsorship deals and TV rights. To easily determine the TV broadcasting rights, just select the most money. But if the main sponsor bit complicated. We have to calculate the strength of our team compared to other teams in the group. Because the main sponsor will give a bonus at the end of season standings ranked according us, if we fail, so do not get the money, so we have to count our strength than the opponent. Example: "Sponsor Llacuna Innova provides 6 million cash bonus at the end of the season with a ranking of at least 5 major achievement in the standings". Now we have to see the strength of the opponents in the standings, what we are able to rank 5 in the season finale? Therefore, there is a new binding contract manager after a few days of regular league run, because they are used to calculate power. My advice up to 1 week without a sponsor, as well as loss if we win the match but not paid sponsor

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