Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Caution Hostile Players Strikermanager

You see the number "Release Clause" on each player? That's the price to pay if you want to seize that player. In SM, it is called Hostile Clause.

Thus, each manager has the right to seize the other team players who have experience above 7000, without waiting for the approval of the team that captured (hence the name "seize", not "nego"). If for example you interest at players from a team, then just select the "contract" continues to "hire", and pay as much as the price Release Clause. After waiting 24 hours until it was moved to the team players we automatically (or could be faster if you want to quickly sell the team, there is an option "sell now"). This is called Hostile Clause.

He said the developer SM, hostile clause also exists in Spanish league, the most famous example is the migration of Luis Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid, that he says the dev in SM use clause hostile system (I did not know for sure about this fact is true / false) .

Then how to protect our players? The only way is to raise the price of the Release Clause. This way we can do to raise the salaries of players, the higher the salary the player, the higher the price Release Clause (and one
When used as a pronoun, it must be used consistently: One must manage one's money carefully.">one will save me!")">will be even less interesting to be hostile). The key is we know the market price. Not until we appreciate our players below the market price, if it happens, just a matter of time until we got hostile.

We also do not too much to raise the salaries of players, because it is related at the condition of our financial expenses. Can we pay weekly salary?

Then how to know the current market price? Easy. The trick is that we go into the player profile, then from the "Contract", select the "Re-Sign", now a new page, select the menu "Similar Transaction". After that appears similar transactions, both positional and his avg. If I saw do not just finished in this page alone, but I click one-one his players, and saw the price Release Clause. Well, the price release clause is called the current market price.

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